our company

our history

Ensemble Space Labs was incubated within Ensemble Consultancy after winning an SBIR award from NASA to advance space weather technology. Since then Ensemble has won several additional space weather SBIR awards including follow-on awards from NASA as well as new awards from USSF and NOAA. We are now leveraging these research awards to develop novel space weather forecasting and analytic tools.

our mission

At Ensemble Space Labs we are pioneering the science, technology, and data pipelines of space weather.

our team

We are a team of PhD rocket scientists, engineers, and data scientists dedicated to advancing space weather research-to-operations for government and commercial customers.

Michael Contreras


(Prev. NASA, Department of Energy, Topcoder)

Jeffrey Marino

Data Scientist

(PhD Candidate John Hopkins University)

Ben McCrossan

Chief of Staff

(The Wharton School, US Navy)

Asher Pembroke, Ph.D

Lead Data Scientist


Oliver Gerland IV

Product Director

(Prev. Sensis, Neat Capital, GoKart Labs)

Adam Karides

Director of Business Development

(Prev. Integral, Sensis)

Wally Lang

Program Director

(Prev. Spaceflight, Tyvak Nano Satellite Systems)

Pioneering Space Weather Analytics and Forecasting

Our products enable organizations to predict and mitigate space weather threats to launch vehicles, satellites, communication systems, energy grids, and indispensable infrastructure.