Get real-time
space weather data

customized to your enterprise needs.


Satellite Drag Explorer

A dashboard flying a Starlink satellite through the Coupled Thermosphere Ionosphere Plasmasphere Electrodynamics Model (CTIPe) to compute local trajectory drag force.

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Real-Time Atmospheric Density API

A data delivery service generating continuous nowcasts of Earth’s total atmospheric density in low earth orbit.

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Key Product Capabilities

Interactive Space Simulations

Visualize the complex, ever changing dynamics of the sun-earth picture in a dynamical and interactive environment.

Coordinate System Flexibility

Get data in your coordinate system via our proprietary coordinate transformation cloud platform.

Enhanced Drag Modeling

Fly your satellites through a real-time first principles physics model to estimate drag and enhance station keeping capability.

Real-Time Atmospheric Density Data

Access a continuously updated nowcast of Earth’s total atmospheric density updated every 10 minutes.

Who We Work With

Our Team

We are a team of PhD rocket scientists, designers, data scientists and digital strategists dedicated to advancing space weather research-to-operations for government and commercial customers.

Asher Pembroke, Ph.D

Lead Data Scientist

(Invented open source space weather analysis toolkit at NASA)

Oliver Gerland IV

Product Lead

(Prev. GoKart Labs, Neat Capital)

Adam Karides

Federal Sales Director

(Prev. Integral)

Michael Contreras, Ph.D

Founder & President

(Prev. NASA, Dept of Energy, Topcoder)